Technical gases are very widely used in the industry, also in such an advanced industry as superconductivity. Despite the increasing use of cryogenics in some applications, liquid Hel is irreplaceable. It works great in such devices as MRI, NMR and MEG. For the needs of our applications we have developed many installations that use liquid helium as a refrigerant. Our devices not only liquefy Hel but also allow it to be cleaned and recovered for reuse. In our offer are devices with a capacity range from 15L / d to 40L / h.

We also make cooling systems for specific applications.



Helium Liquefier:

  •            KDHRR20 HL
    Helium liquifier 20  












Liquefaction rate 18-20 L /D 35 - 40 L /D 50 - 60 L /D 70 - 80 L /D
Helium gas flow rate 10 L / min
Cool down time < 4 hours

Number of coldheads

1 2 3 4
Cooling type Water cooled

Power Consumption / voltage range

6.5kW / 380 V - 400  V 13.0 kW / 380V – 400V 19.5kW / 380V – 400V 26.0kW /380 V- 400V

Helium purity requirement


Dewar ( optional)

150 L – 1000 L

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